Best Auxiliary Cord for Your Car Stereo

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If your car has an auxiliary port, then you should always keep a good auxiliary cord in your center console or glove box. You’ll be able to play songs from Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, and of course songs from your internal storage or SD card. It will be easy to switch from one device to another when your friends want to play you a song. They’re absolutely essential for long road trips. You could also use your aux cord for phone calls, although the person speaking would still need to talk into the phone’s microphone.

Things to Consider When Shopping for an Auxiliary Cable

There are three things you should consider before deciding on which one to buy. First of all, is it going to be long enough? If you need one that can reach far, then you might want to go with something longer than the standard 3 feet. Next, is it durable? Aux cables have a tendency to wear over time, especially where the jack meets the cord. The frequent bending and yanking eventually breaks most cords down. Lastly, is it a non-tangle cord? The wire itself might have a sort of flexible plastic coating that prevents it from tangling. If it does, that means you can coil it up and it will never get stuck in a knot.

Top Overall Auxiliary Cords for Cars

We’ve picked out the best 7 from several online marketplaces. Each of them is compatible with any device that uses a 3.5mm jack port, including iPhone, Android, and Windows devices of all kinds. All of these are durable enough to last, so choose one from below and you can’t go wrong.

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m)

Anker Auxiliary Audio Cable
At 4ft long, this cable reaches a foot farther than average. That means when you pass it to someone in the back of your vehicle, there will still be plenty of slack in the line. It won’t get in the way or get accidentally yanked out because it barely reaches. For road trips where half of the focus is on the playlist, it will be a huge plus.

This is one of the most durable and long-lasting aux cables on the market. Its gold plated jacks are harnessed by metal casing. Anker claims that this product can withstand 10,000+ bends in any direction. This is a very popular option, and it’s a really great one for any vehicle stereo system.

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iXCC 3-Ft Tangle-Free Male to Male 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable

iXCC Auxiliary Cable
You’ll never have to struggle with this totally tangle free option. It’s got gold plated jacks that ensure it sounds great as an iPhone aux cable or for any other use. It features metal casings around the connectors, which contribute to its durability and longevity. It includes a two year warranty just in case, but considering the praise this product has received far and wide, the warranty apparently won’t be needed.

iXCC also offers this unit in 6ft and 10ft lengths for a marginal increase in price. 3ft is enough for basic in-car use, but if you plan on also using your cord for home stereos or other uses, it’s nice to be able to set your device down near you rather having to get up and walk over to the stereo to change tracks. Overall, this option is just as good as our first pick other than the slightly shorter reach.

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SecurOMax Aux Cable (2 Pack) – Shielded Cord (3.3ft/1m) – 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cables

SecurOMax Aux Cable (2 Pack)
The SecurOMax comes as a pack of 2, so you always have a backup that you can leave at home. And if you happen to need two, one for your car and one for your home stereo, this is a great deal because you get both for the price of one. They are tangle free, so there’s no fiddling necessary.

With a 3.3ft range, they’re a bit longer than average. Best of all, these both have a lifetime replacement guarantee. If for any reason they ever stop working, you can get a replacement sent to you for free. With these, you will have two high quality audio wires with gold plated connectors for life.

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Mediabridge 3.5mm Male To Male Stereo Audio Cable (4 Feet) – Step Down Design – (Part# MPC-35-4)

Mediabridge Stereo Audio Cable
This Mediabridge cord is 4ft long, plenty for passing it around in your vehicle. It’s designed to also work well with bulky phone cases by having a small extension from the jack casing that is much thinner. It won’t be obstructed by your case no matter how thick or how tight it is around the headphone jack port. The metal connector casing is sturdy and will help protect the wire from damage by bending.

The jacks are plated with gold and will produce only high quality output. The Mediabridge 4ft audio cable is also available in 12 and 2ft lengths. All in all, this is a solid choice that’s as good as just about any audio wire you can buy.

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[2-Pack, 4ft/1.2M – Copper Shell, Hi-Fi Sound Quality] – iVanky Nylon Braided 3.5mm Audio Cable

SecurOMax Aux Cable (2 Pack)
Whether you need it for your car stereo, computer speakers, or anything else, this high value option is sturdy enough to handle heavy use over a long period of time. It has highly conductive copper connectors that result in high grade sound with any speakers or media devices.

It’s a two pack, so you’ll get both for a low price. At 4ft long, it has extended reach just enough for comfortable use in the car. iVanky claims it can withstand over 10,000 bends, so it should be plenty sturdy enough for the long run.

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AmazonBasics 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable – 8 Feet (2.4 Meters)

AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable
If you’ve never owned any AmazonBasics products before, then you might not know that despite being generic, they are quite good. The era of the generic brand always being lesser in quality to the name brand is officially over.

This affordable but super long audio wire is just one of many surprisingly great products actually made by Amazon. At 8ft, it’s long enough to literally sit on the other side of the room with your Android or iPhone auxiliary cord hooked up. Even in a three-row station wagon or van you can still pass it to someone sitting in the back row to hook up to their phone.

This aux wire also uses a “step down” design that permits use with extra thick cases. The connectors are gold plated with casings made out of metal for lasting durability. It comes with a one-year warranty from Amazon.

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Vilight 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Audio Cable, 3 Feet

Vilight Aux Audio Cable
This standard length auxiliary wire comes in either red or black. It’s got gold plated connectors as well as the casings. It won’t produce any feedback and will deliver accurate sound. It does not have a step down design, so if you have a heavy duty phone case, be advised. If your phone case has a wide enough cutout around the audio port though, it should still fit.

This product is well regarded online, with high opinions from satisfied users from all over. As a basic 3ft option, this product does exactly what it’s meant to without any problems. What more can you ask for in an audio cord?

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