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Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Which Catalytic Converter Cleaner to Use

If you have recently failed an emissions test, or if you have a check engine code that involves the catalytic converter of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to use a high grade catalytic converter cleaner. If you’ve never heard [...]

May 22, 2017 Car Care
Car Wax

Best Car Wax for Any Vehicle

All of us have been out and about when we have spotted one of those prematurely aged cars and thanked the stars that we were not the ones driving around in something that looked like that. The truth is that [...]

May 4, 2017 Car Care

What’s the Most Effective Carburetor Cleaner?

If you’re giving your vehicle or piece of equipment full throttle and it’s not quite performing how it should, then you probably have too much build up in the components of your carburetor. Gunk and varnish causes decreased fuel efficiency, [...]

December 6, 2016 Car Care