Choosing the Best Exhaust Manifold for Your Vehicle

Exhaust Manifold
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The exhaust manifold is a crucial part of a well-operating vehicle. It gathers exhaust from the engine’s cylinder heads and delivers it to the exhaust pipe for safe expulsion. It keeps toxic exhaust from seeping into the vehicle, and its functionality is therefore essential for the well-being of the driver and passengers. Unlike exhaust headers, exhaust manifolds are typically utilitarian and aren’t built strictly for increased performance. Your vehicle’s exhaust manifold is also related to fuel efficiency, so a better quality one will yield a higher fuel economy.

A quality exhaust manifold should ensure that exhaust from the engine’s combustion chamber passes out the exhaust pipe properly and efficiently, without creating any problems such as back pressure. What kind of engine manifold you need depends on the type of engine, make, model, and year of your vehicle. The majority of vehicles on the road today use just one exhaust manifold, but even if your vehicle uses two, it will cause a very serious problem if one of them has a leak.

Exhaust manifolds are usually made from cast iron. Aftermarket models are typically made with welded tubular steel, and are generally considered to be better, but are more expensive. Cast iron is heavier and doesn’t hold up quite as well as tubular steel. Stainless steel is the best for being the longest lasting and totally rust resistant, but they also cost the most. Aluminized steel manifolds cost less than stainless steel, but are very similar. Their only drawback is that they rust if the outer layer gets scratched. Tubular has the best exhaust flow and is therefore better, but the type of insulation used on your manifold also plays a major role in how well it functions.

Four-into-One Vs. Four-into-Two

Four-into-One Exhaust Manifolds

Four-into-One Exhaust Manifold

There are two major types of exhaust manifolds, four-into-one and two-into-one. Four into one are commonly used in high-performance vehicles, because the design is more beneficial for higher RPMs. In four-into-two exhaust manifolds, the four pipes converge into two, which run the length of the vehicle before joining into one at the rear to form the tailpipe. This design favors torque over speed, so it’s better for economy vehicles and other vehicles that are not built for high speeds.

Four-into-Two Exhaust Manifold

Four-into-Two Exhaust Manifold

If your exhaust manifold fails, it’s extremely important to fix it ASAP. Heat from the engine can eventually cause cracks or holes to form over extended use. If there is a crack, it will cause exhaust to leak into the inside of the car, as well as reducing fuel efficiency. Your vehicle will also fail state emissions inspection, so if you live in an area where your vehicle must pass inspections to qualify for the road, then you have no choice but to fix it.

The exhaust manifold gasket is also vital. If the manifold gasket is broken, it’s basically the same problem, although buying a gasket replacement is much cheaper. Repair is also possible with welding tools, but it will likely be a band aid solution that only buys you more time before you hear that familiar leak sound again.

Below are the best exhaust manifold manufacturers.


Dorman is one of the biggest and most popular brands that manufactures exhaust manifolds. They’re trusted by many and offer a wide variety of models that will almost surely include one for your vehicle.


APDTY makes several highly rated cummins exhaust manifold models. As one of Dorman’s main competitors, they are also well-regarded.

ATP Automotive

Though less prevalent than Dorman, ATP Automotive offers some models at a lower price that are also considered to be very high quality.

Auto Dynasty

This is another great alternative to Dorman. They also make high quality parts, so if you want to boost your performance, Auto Dynasty is a good choice.

DNA Motoring

For excellent quality stainless steel exhaust manifolds, check out DNA Motoring’s options online.

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