Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tires – Features and Performance

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review
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Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring has superb wet, dry, and even snow traction as well as hydroplaning resistance, cornering stability, and steering response. It was developed with a focus on durability, stability, excellent traction and smooth riding. It’s designed for sedans, coupes, and crossover drivers, and makes riding through steep turns pretty smooth.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Design Features

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring has many effective tire features to discuss. The tire design is robust as is obvious in its tread, wear square indicator, siping and so forth. The tire’s excellent dry traction stability and superb handling is orchestrated by its effective Stabledge performance design.

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern with Deep Siping

The Cooper CS5 is excellent for its modern touring tread compound, which ensures the longevity of the tire. The tire’s approximate tread life can easily be seen from the wear square indicator, which is conveniently located closer to the side of the tire than on most other tires.

Wear Square Indicator

The tire’s excellent traction, cornering, braking, and grip are enhanced with 3D micro-gauge siping. This ensures that the tire is stable as the vehicle accelerates. The result is a comfortable grip that you can feel while accelerating and turning.

The tire performs optimally in all seasons, a feature made possible by the state of the art coupled silica compound, and deep sipes that last well through tread wear. Years after owning these tires, you will still have functional sipes that evacuate water effectively in wet driving conditions. The tire’s tread pattern is asymmetrical, which helps to ensure that the tire’s tread remains even, therefore reducing irregular wear and keeping the tires performing great over time.

Tire Design and Construction

Cooper CS5 has well-designed and superb internal construction. It includes single ply polyester casing enclosed beneath two high-strength steel belts. Spiral nylon reinforcement ensures improved handling responsiveness and also ensures durability even at high speeds.

The CS5 is rated as Cooper’s premium touring tire and has superior features compared to most other models. Cooper’s primary focus in the design of CS5 Ultra Touring was comfort, and they have achieved that with these grippy, smooth-riding tires.

Quiet and Smooth Ride

In addition to being smooth with crack and bump absorption, the CS5 Ultra is remarkably quiet. Even on the freeway, the CS5 makes noticeably less noise than the average all-season tire.

Performance Testing

The CS5 performed very well on various testing tracks. It exhibited unusually smooth handling, and a 140 feet on 60-0 dry road break time test. For a tire in this price group, that’s definitely not bad. It’s not as good as the top premium tires out there, but definitely acceptable considering the price and overall performance of these all-season tires.

Cooper Warranty

Cooper offers two sound warranties with this performance tire. These include the premium limited warranty, free 45-day road test, W-rated – 50,000 mile tread wear protection and V/H-rated – 70,000 mile tread wear protection.


  • Uncommonly quiet
  • Smooth ride; tires help absorb imperfections in the road
  • Very good grip and cornering
  • Deep sipes and asymmetrical tread design for added longevity


  • 140 feet isn’t top of the pack for 60-0 break time, though not particularly bad

Cooper CS5 Ultra TouringFor its drivability, smoothness, quietness, durability and most importantly excellent traction in all weather conditions, this is a solid choice for anyone looking for a new set of all-season tires. Whether you drive a sedan, minivan, or any other vehicle that would fit a set of these appropriately, you would be making a good purchase to pick up a set of these.

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