Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Details and Review

Terra Grappler G2
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Advantages of the Nitto Terra Grappler G2

  • Tightly-packed tread pattern makes it smooth and quiet on the road, even in larger sizes
  • Excellent tread wear, backed by a 50,000 mile warranty
  • Almost no slippage on loose dirt
  • Fantastic aesthetic

Nitto’s follow up to their original Terra Grappler tire is the G2, a sturdy all-terrain tire for SUVs and small trucks. The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 improves on its popular younger brother in a variety of ways; it performs better in snowy and icy conditions, has slightly better handling, and corners better. Overall it’s an excellent choice as an all-weather, multi-terrain tire, as we explore further below.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 TireNitto Terra Grappler G2Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Handling and Performance

SUV and truck owners who spend a lot of time on the highway but still need reasonable off-road performance will be hard pressed to find anything that’s as versatile as the Nitto Terra Grappler G2. It handles most road situations very well, particularly excelling in dry conditions, as well as snow and ice. They’re smooth and quiet on the road, producing very little ride noise. Some users have reported them to have a little less grip on wet roads compared to the original Terra Grappler, yet accounts vary on this. In sub-zero conditions the G2’s construction and composition prevents it from stiffening, which is impressive given the thick sidewall it has. Although not suited to extreme conditions, it’s definitely a good all-weather tire for milder winters.

When it comes to off-roading, the G2 holds its own too. On loose dirt and gravel there’s barely any slippage, even in two-wheel drive. The tread is very well suited to loose dirt and sand, particularly when you drop the PSI. The tread pattern gets extra traction this way, and offers a surprisingly smooth ride. Even in muddy terrain they perform well, despite not really being made for those conditions. Of course, as an all-terrain tire they have their limitations; they’re not suited to tougher conditions and steep inclines.

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Shoulder Lugs

The build of the Terra G2 picks up where its predecessor left off, and with good reason. The tightly-packed tread pattern, full-depth sipes, and staggered shoulder lugs give it excellent traction, while the thicker sidewall gives secure steering even if you’re towing a load. They also look great. They’re available in both the thunderbolt pattern seen on the originals, and a mean-looking blade pattern. Whichever you choose is sure to look great on your rig.

Nitto are so sure of their sturdy design that they’re backed up by a massive 50,000 mile warranty. Obviously the distance you get out of them will vary greatly depending on conditions, the type of driving you do, and whether you’re towing or not, but many users have reported distance of around 65,000-80,000 miles. They come in a range of sizes, from 17- to 22-inch rims across a range of maximum loads and aspect ratios. Currently there are 55 different sizes available on the Nitto website, so it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to find the right size for your vehicle.

Buying Considerations

  • Hard cornering performance isn’t great.
  • Not suited to extreme off-roading

There’s no doubt that the Terra Grappler G2 is a very good tire, but it’s not perfect. Some users have noted that it struggles a bit with hard cornering for example. It’s also a tire that’s not well suited to anything but the most sedate of off-road pursuits. Despite being good in light gravel, sand, and snow, if you throw anything at it that’s more demanding, you’ll likely run into trouble. The tread and sturdiness just isn’t up to extreme situations. But then again, it’s not really designed to be.


Overall, the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is a very good choice for users looking for a tire that offers excellent performance on the road, as well as some light off-roading. They’re fantastically quiet and comfortable on highways, producing very little road noise; while excelling in dry, as well as snowy conditions. A set of G2s will look great on your rig; their design is striking and tough-looking. Thanks to the wide variety of sizes Nitto offers, they’ll likely fit whatever you drive.

The G2s are a definite improvement over the original Terra Grappler tires. Although they might struggle in especially rugged terrain, that’s not really what they’re designed for anyway. The 50,000 mile tread ware warranty is a definite selling point, although with the sturdiness of the full-depth sipes and new tread compound, it’s unlikely that you’ll get less out of them than that.

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