Best All-Purpose Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps
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For your truck bed or trailer, a solid set of ratchet straps will make the task faster, easier, and more secure than using a rope. Instead of having to loop a rope around multiple times or tie a complicated knot, you can have something designed specifically for tying things down securely and transporting them. Whether you need to tie down furniture, vehicles, or any equipment, you never have to worry about whether or not your rope will be long enough with a set of ratchet straps. Even if you don’t own a truck, boat, or other vehicle that you will use them for regularly, they’re good to have just in case.

Most likely, a one-off use will lead to discovering other ways you can use them. That’s why purchasing a good set of ratchet straps is a sound investment. They have a variety of other applications other than tying down equipment, machinery, or boxes.

5 Things Ratchet Straps Can Be Used for Other than Tying Things Down

Use of your ratchet strapsHow you can make use of your ratchet straps is only limited by your imagination, but here are six common ways you can put them to use other than securing equipment to your vehicle:

  • Winching
  • Clamping
  • Hoisting
  • Slacklining
  • Safety rope

In case you’ve never heard of a “poor man’s winch” before, you can actually use a heavy duty ratchet strap and it will work like a charm. You can tow yourself out of a sandy or muddy spot, use it to move heavy objects out of the way such as a log, or just about anything else you can think of that a proper winch might be used for.

You can use them to clamp things together or clamp things down while you’re working on them. If you have a secure spot on your ceiling to hoist from, you can make use of them that way as well. Slacklining can be done by attaching each end to a tree and attempting to walk across the resulting line. In lieu of a proper safety rope, a strap could be used to help in the event of an emergency.

Best Ratchet Straps You Can Order Online

Of all the options being sold out there right now, these are our top picks. Each can be purchased online and shipped straight to you from a reliable online marketplace, so choose wisely and pick up a set that will last.

CargoBuckle F18800 G3 Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down System

CargoBuckle F18800
These being retractable makes them so much easier to use. You never have to worry about them getting tangled up when you store them, and it saves time when setting them up and putting them away. They’re well designed and have a high break strength of 3,500 lbs and 1,167 lbs WLL safety rating (work load limit). This is the top choice for quick application and no mess durability.

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Keeper 04629 25′ x 2″ Ratchet Tie-Down with J-Hooks

Keeper 04629
For very high capacity, heavy duty work, these are some of the most solid on the market. They have a whopping 3,333 lb WLL and 10,000 lb break strength. That’s durable enough to withstand just about any feasible use. Highly rated on all marketplaces, these are sure to be a smart buy for those who needs hefty straps.

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HFS 4pcs 1-1/2″ x 15 ft Heavy Duty Ratchet Cargo Tie Down Straps 3000 lbs

HFS 4pcs
The dual hooks on these offer added durability and stability when dealing with extraordinarily heavily loads or large equipment. They’re polyester coated to prevent scratching or nicking. They adjust from 1 to 15 feet and have a 3,000 lb break strength and a 1,000 lb work load limit. For non-retractable straps, these are as reliable as it gets.

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Erickson 34415 Pro Series Black Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Strap

Erickson 34415 Pro Series
This 1,200 lb, 400 lb WLL option is retractable and can easily be set up in a matter of seconds. For those who don’t need a super rugged and heavy duty set, this ought to do great. It’s a no hassle, neat option for people who don’t want to bother with wrapping and unwrapping the strap.

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1½” x 6½ft PowerTye® Mfg Made in USA Yellow-Zinc Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs with Carabiner Hooks

1½" x 6½ft PowerTye
This set features tight-closing carabiner hooks that make it impossible for the strap or whatever they’re attached to to come loose, even if there is excessive slack. They can be left in place permanently and never need to be disconnected, only unlatched when you need to set them up. They’re an excellent choice for those who plan on using their straps frequently and don’t want to keep unhooking both sides.

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AUDEW Ratchet Tie Down Straps Kit 2400lb Max Break Strength Cargo Straps

AUDEW Ratchet Tie Down Straps Kit
This pack from Audew offers a basic but good and solid solution for your tie-down needs. The hooks are rubber coated, it has an extra sturdy ratchet lock, and maxes out at 2,400 lbs and 1,100 WLL, plenty for tying down ATVs, dirt bikes, or any large equipment.

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Mann Ratchet Tie Downs Straps with S-hooks 4-Pack Set 1-Inch x 15-Feet

Mann Ratchet Tie Downs Straps
This quality budget option still offers plenty of capacity for the average user. With a maximum 1,500 lb break strength, 500 lb WLL, and rubber coated hooks, they’re sturdy enough to hold relatively large equipment down without scratching your vehicle. And for their modest price, they offer excellent value.

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